About the teachers

Valerie Barlow - Principal

I love people and love being able to make a difference in their quality of life. I love teaching and learning and over the years have seen how educating one member of a family has a positive effect on the rest of that family and the community. I also love the sea, the mountains and the lush vegetation of Port St Johns.

Philippa Colebourne - School mentor

Hello and Molweni to the community of Port St. John’s. I am a trained teacher from England and have been living here in your beautiful country for 4 years. My dream is to make a difference in Education and give children the best start possible in life. Life isn’t always easy when you get older, but it can be made easier if you understand yourself and the world, are able to turn your hand to anything and have self-belief in who you are. It is also important to me that children celebrate their culture. Here in Port St. John’s the wonderful Xhosa culture is still strong. With your help, we will be doing our best to ensure that the children have chance to experience traditional crafts, hear the old stories of the elders, sing, dance, drum and gain a deep understanding of their language and culture. I look forward to getting to know you all and together giving the young ones in our world a brighter future.

Elizabeth Mwehle - Pre-school

My support and contribution in Sisonke School is to give all the small children a good education and provide a safe and secure environment for them to grow. I have a diploma in child day care which I finished in 1998. My work experience is 11years in one of the other schools in Port St. Johns. I am still doing an E.C.D course and I will continue to follow courses in Education.

My belief is: Children learn where they live. If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith. If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself. If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate.

Ayanda Nkosana - Class teacher

Dear Parents, My name is Ayanda Nkosana. I was born in Green's Farm, Port St Johns. I completed my senior certificate in Port St John's High School. I have expereince in Human Resource Management and Computer Literacy. I am very pleased that I am going to teach your children at Sisonke school.I love children very much and I love teaching as well. This is a great opportunity for me. I love Sisonke school and the philosophy. I thank you.

Tembelani Daniso - Class teacher

Hi! I am Tembelani. I am very happy to be working with your children. I am willing to help all your children and guide them in becoming the best they can. My focus at the school will be on gardening (permaculture) and hands on skills and crafts. I would like to meet all of the parents personally as it is important for us to be friends and work together for the good of the children. I am very excited about meeting and working with the children and parents of Sisonke School.

Lumka Ngxokile - Class teacher

Hi I am Lumka, I am 22 years old and I am staying at Greensfarm. I am looking forward to meeting you all. I like being a teacher and spending time with children helping them to learn what is good in the world. I will be doing lots of sport, music, singing and dancing with the children. To be a teacher is a lovely duty because you are a light in the darkness.

Sindile Joel Nogwina - Class teacher

My dear parents, I am Sindile, I am a male of 32 years old and I live in Sicambeni. I am very happy to be a teacher in this new school with a very exciting philosophy. I love to work with children and it is a real pleasure for me to teach your children and share the experience and development with them. I want to be a lamp in their eyes every time we meet and my biggest wish is that your children will enjoy learning at our school.

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