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Why we need sponsorship?

Sisonke school is an independent school and as of yet we do not receive any assistance from the government. In order to run our school we must ask for school fees from the parents.

Our policy is that school fees are decided on an individual basis. Each parent attends a financial interview where we discuss with them an affordable monthly amount depending on their financial situation. This ensures that no child can be refused admittance on a monetary basis.

In order to cover all our costs at school we need R450 per child per month. This figure is out of reach for all our parents here at Sisonke and so we are looking to the sponsorship scheme to make up the short fall.

How the sponsorship works

You will see profiles of different children explaining their circumstances and telling you a little about who they are. You will then see the school fee amount each individual is receiving from their parents.

It is up to you as an individual sponsor which child you would like to support and also how much per month you would like to contribute.

Once you have decided on a child and the amount per month, there is an application form for you to fill in with all your details. You can pay monthly or yearly again that is up to you as an individual sponsor.

You can sponsor via paypal or if you are in the UK you can do a direct debit to our UK charity account (PEPE)

Once we have processed your application and received confirmation of the first payment, we will send you an acknowledgement letter together with the child’s profile and photograph (this will be sent from the UK support team). After this you can expect to hear from your sponsored child at least twice during the year and always at the end of the year with a copy of their school report. These correspondences will be sent directly from the school in South Africa.

N.B. It is important to remember that life in South Africa is very unstable and changeable; therefore it can be the case that the child you are sponsoring leaves the school for some reason outside of our control. If this happens we will contact you to let you know and to give you the option of sponsoring a different child.

Choose Your Own Monthly Amount (CYOMA)

Our unique approach to child sponsorship allows you to choose your own monthly amount. A lot of sponsorship programs advertise deals from as little as R5 a day, but when you add this up, it still comes to a monthly amount of R150 which might be too much for some people to afford.

The monthly total needed for each child is R450, but this is not what we ask of sponsors. We simply ask you to contribute what you can afford each month. This means that each child may have up to 10 sponsors all helping to raise the monthly amount needed.

SISONKE – "Together we can make a difference"

Did you know?

The parents of the children featured here are all part of our energy contribution program.

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