Approaching 2010

Urgent Appeal

As South Africa gears up to host the world cup, Sisonke School faces a complete relocation of their school after being given notice to leave from their current location.

As the school is unable to afford to buy their own piece of land they have gone with the option of using a rented plot in a secluded corner of the town. The initial idea was to obtain pre-fabricated buildings to use as classrooms, but due to the enormous costs involved this idea was not viable.

Many months were spent applying for funding to help with the costs, but nothing was materialising and time was disappearing fast. In a crazy, grasping at straws attempt to raise the money Philippa and Tuba the school co-ordinators began to contact people they knew, friends, family, past volunteers etc..

The idea was that if everyone could raise a little money then together they could raise enough money to get some traditional classrooms built.

Local builders quoted the building of 5 rondavel classrooms at R30,000. Extra money is also needed for a toilet block, office facilities and new school desks.

The response to this plea was met with overwhelming support and so far the amount raised is R25,000.

All those involved with raising the costs are receiving regular updates as together we build Sisonke School.

If you would like to lend your support and contribute to the costs needed for building our school please use the donate link below.

Supported by: PEPE | Bambooka