Sisonke School opened 16/01/2008

Sisonke School opened it's doors for the first time on 16th January 2008. Preparations for the school began in August 2007, with a full time teacher development program. It was a result of the concerted effort and commitment of Luke Boshier, Philippa Colebourne, a set of teachers willing to take a pay cut for a vision and a bunch of volunteers occasionally working through the night to get the building and desks ready, that the school was able to open.

Without any contributions from the government, religious or charity institutions the team worked hard at fundraising the initial costs involved. In fact they were still painting and building desks with donated material in the last few days before opening. It was literally ALL hands on deck!!

In the run up to the opening of the school, the team decided not to advertise as they already had a number of parents interested in bringing their children. However when they opened the doors on the first morning they had a queue round the building of parents waiting to enrol their children. Although it broke the teacher’s hearts they had to put a limit on how many children they took on. With overcrowding in government schools still prevalent it was a decision of those involved not to allow this to happen in Sisonke School. There is now a waiting list to enrol at the school and the teachers hope that by next year they will be able to accommodate even more eager children wanting to learn.

The lucky 70 who can fit into the school's limited number of classrooms are on their way to an education they might otherwise never have had.

Supported by: PEPE | Bambooka