Sponsor a garden

For some people the commitment to sponsoring a child every month can be very daunting. With our sponsor a garden project you can simple make a one off payment and assist one of the families at our school in creating their own vegetable garden.

Our unique bedding system ensures a variety of nutritional food to feed a family of 10. In an area where nutrition is poor and salaries are low these gardens are vital. A healthy body creates a healthy mind and without the opportunity to grow these vegetables at home, families struggle to feed their children any goodness.

Your sponsorship will fund seeds, seedlings and tools for the family's garden and allow us to send a team of permaculture gardeners (all local people we've trained) to set things up and educate the family how to tend their garden. Surplus from the garden can be sold at the schools organic market whereby funds to replenish seeds can be made.

If you decide to sponsor a garden you will receive feedback about the family you have helped and detailed documentation including photo's showing the whole process.

Sponsorship form

We will contact you personally by email shortly after you complete the application form. As soon as your money is received we will start creating a garden for one of the families on our list. Once the garden is completed we will send you a pack with detail about the family you've helped and the development of the garden.

The cost for sponsoring a complete garden is R500 but you can also make a part payment towards a garden and once we have enough sponsorship, we'll begin work.

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