History of the school

Amapondo Children’s Project has been in existence in Port St Johns for about the last 6 years informally and more formally with NPO status for the last 2 years.

The project was started by Tim Whittaker and Ani Oakley and was based at Amapondo backpackers. ACP catered for a wide range of projects to answer the needs of the children in this community, ranging from computer classes to surf lessons. Later with the help and dedication of Kate Abney as project co-ordinator ACP developed it's own after school program.

It was from this after school program that the need for a school became clear.

With the inspirations and financial support of Luke Boshier (ACP donor) Amapondo Children’s Project was able to provide the support necessary to get a school off the grounds.

Pippa Colebourne, who was also involved with ACP, is a trained Steiner Waldorf Teacher from England. It had always been a dream of hers to set up a school and here in Port St Johns last June that dream started to become a reality.

Funding was granted for Pippa to take on and train 5 members of the local community to become teachers at the school. Premises were obtained and the 5 teachers began training in August 2007.

During the 5 months training various Educational philosophies and alternative approaches were looked at. A range of child development theories were discussed and the development of a curriculum to truly meet the needs of children in this area began. Teachers were also were also supported and guided in their own inner development.

Supported by: PEPE | Bambooka