School fees

School fees are affordable as they are decided on an individual basis.
Amaxabiso ayafikeleleka ngokuvisisana nomzali ngamnye.

  • Parents attend a financial interview
  • We decide together how much they can afford to pay each month
  • Those parents who cannot afford to pay much join our energy contribution program

Energy Contribution Program

Anyone fed up of a world that revolves around money?? Well we here at Sisonke certainly are!!

A lot of our parents are simply unable to cover all the costs involved with their child's education nevertheless their commitment to their child's future is unquestionable. Our policy is to never refuse any child entry to the school on a monetary basis.

Those parents who cannot afford the costs contribute to the school with their energy. Depending on how much their circumstances allow them to pay, they commit to various hours of work at the school.

The tasks on our program vary and we try to utilise the skills the individual parents involved have. We currently have parents involved with running our tuck shop, supporting our after school program, making crafts to be sold for fundraising and cleaning the classrooms.

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